duminică, 15 mai 2011

Romanian travel places part1 BRASOV

Il start talking about the history of the city so..i gathered some info about it: The origins of Brasov as a medieval town are lost in the dark times. Archaeological discoveries mention life on this land since the Bronze Age, 60,000 years ago. The most impressive monument of the Antiquity is the Dacian Sanctuary of Racos, though, hardly accessible to tourists. Another testimony of life on this land is the Roman camp discovered in Rasnov, the former Northeastern border of the Roman empire. An inscription in stone reveals the ancient Dacian name of the land: Cumidava. The Dacian-Roman settlements (Brasov, Harman, Cristian, Feldioara) in this area stand proof that after the Romans retreat (the year 271) the inhabitants (Daco-Roman population) remained on this land.
The city is a great place to live in it and it has a great "collection" of medieval churches some examples will by:Greek church, the black church, the church sf.Bartolomeu, sf.Martin church, Sf. Nicholas church and first school, church of sf.Parascheva, church of sf.treime

The church in the image is the black church 

Brasov has also many castles near  like castle Bran in other words the castle of the famous dracula great place to visit with great memoriesi  and in Sinaia a place close to Brasov stands the Peles Royal Palace belonging to the royal family it is a great and big museum you will by very impressed by the size, architecture, and monuments in there and some walls painted in gold